Molokai History:

(taken from “Father Damien’s Letters”, by Congregation of the Sacred Hearts, Rome, 2017)

From a letter from Fr. Damien to his superior, Fr. Modeste Favens,, from Kaluaaha, June 14, 1874.

Our work in Kaluaaha is advancing; in two weeks, there won’t be many nails left to pound into place. Then comes the painting. Please send me a bell and a nice painting for the altar, as well as a supply of all colors of paint, either in powdered form or in cans – colors: red, green, blue, yellow, brown.

Kindly reach some understanding with the Bishop concerning the blessing of the chapel in the month of July. The island of Molokai needs an episcopal visit.

Still waiting for repair is the old stone house. The roof and one wall are still good. With 1,000 feet of rough lumber placed upright, it would make a good schoolhouse or something else. What?

Your very humble servant,

Brother Damien
Missionary Priest

(to be continued)

Blessings! Pono! Pule!

Fr. Brian Guerrini,