Molokai History:

(taken from “Father Damien’s Letters”, Congregation of the Sacred Hearts SS.CC., Rome, 2017)

From a letter from Father Damien to Father Marcellin Bousquet,, Superior General of the Sacred Hearts, from Molokai Hospital, December 17, 1874:

Father Andre has spent 4 months in the leper colony while I was building him a chapel (Our Lady of the Sorrows in Kaluaaha). He has done a lot of good. When the building of his church [in Kaluaaha], presbytery and school were completed, he was permanently installed in his position, which His Excellency had offered him. We are a good day’s distance apart.

The number of baptisms on this island will nearly total 160 this year, 100 at the leper settlement and 60 outside.

Please be good enough, my very Rev. Father, to commend to the prayers of brothers and sisters one who has the honor of being in union with the Sacred Hearts.

Your very obedient,

Brother Damien
SS.CC. Priest

Blessings, pono & pule!

Fr. Brian Guerrini,