Molokai History:

(taken from “Father Damien’s Letters”, Congregation of the Sacred Hearts SS.CC., Rome, 2017)

Letter dated May 20, 1873 from Fr. Damien at Kalawao to his Superior:

According to what I have been told, in one of the valleys, some miles from here by sea, there is a great number of Christians. The area is called Pelekunu. It is well populated, 300 Kanakas some say. I will go on Friday after the Ascension to spend a Sunday there. Pray and have prayers said that the heavenly seed will sprout in this land. Please let me know on whom you, with the Bishop, decide the privileged priest will be, to gather in the harvest of the Lord; it is ripe here, in the absence of a harvester, it will perish in a short time.

(to be continued)

Blessings, pono and pule!

Fr. Brian Guerrini,