Our Lady Of Seven Sorrows Church

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Address: 8011 Kamehameha V Hwy, Molokai HI

Clergy: Fr. Patrick Fanning, ss.cc.

A bit of history about Our Lady of Seven Sorrows church in Kalua’aha:

Saint Damien helped to build seven churches on the island-two of which are still standing today with Our Lady of Seven Sorrows Church being one of the two. It is located in Kalua’aha right across from Ni’aupala Fishpond and was built in 1874. Here is an excerpt from a letter written in 1873 that Damien wrote to his superiors expressing the need for a church on the ‘topside’ of Molokai:

“Beyond the leprosarium, I have to visit the whole island, which in length is two days travel. There is neither chapel nor house for the priest; there are about 200 Catholics scattered about. During two visits, I have had the honor of baptizing about 25 adults and infants. A good number are catechumens. We are preparing ourselves to build a chapel and a presbytery in the principal area of the island where the mission has a good piece of land [Kaluaaha]. I therefore ask you, very reverend Father, to please take into consideration the very difficult circumstances where I find myself.”

Damien describes the construction in one of his letters: “During the summer, I went to another part of this island, where I remained four months, in the character of carpenter, putting up a new church, 44 feet long, 22 wide, with 10 Gothic windows and a tower 50 feet high.” The crucifix is the central focus of the worship space.

In the early 1960s, the church was rebuilt. The new structure retains the character, dimensions and styling of Father Damien’s original church.

A large wooden cross on the expansive lawn on the property, faces the ocean and serves as the site for the parishes’ annual Easter Sunrise Mass.

Our Lady Of Sevens Sorrows Catholic Church on Molokai, built by Father Damien (now St. Damien)

Our Lady Of Sevens Sorrows Catholic Church on Molokai, built by Father Damien (now St. Damien)

Sunrise Easter Sunday Service at Our Lady of Seven Sorrows

Sunrise Easter Sunday Service at Our Lady of Seven Sorrows                           (photo by Richard Rader)