Parish Support

These councils and committees support and guide all of the various parish ministries and also serve to provide a direct hands-on activity with respect to maintaining parish finances, facilities and property.

The areas of parish support are: Pastoral Council, Maintenance, Finance Council, Office Volunteers, Pastor’s Assistant, Communications, Church Cleaners, Computer Expertise, Fundraising, Money Counting, Laundry, Disaster Preparedness, St. Joseph Cemetery.

For more information, call: ph: 808-553-5220

Pastoral Council

Advises and helps the Pastor foster pastoral activities in the Parish. In it’s consultative capacity, the Pastoral Council seeks input from all parishioners, encourages cooperation in considering alternatives, makes recommendations and engages the community to help implement the decisions reached.

Pastor’s Assistant

Assists the pastor with his correspondence.

Computer Expertise

Assists the Pastor and office staff with computer repairs and other IT tasks.

Parish Office Assistants

Assists with the operation of the parish life-copying and faxing; computer work as needed; help with Sunday bulletins; pick up and distribute mail; help with the recording of Baptisms, First Communions, Confirmations & Marriage documents and all other tasks requested by the Pastor. Includes general cleaning of office and kitchen area in Damien Center.

Parish Finance Council

Advises and assists the Pastor in fulfilling his responsibilities and temporal goods (definition: of or relating to the material world; worldly: the temporal possessions of the Church) of the parish.

Fundraising Committee

Plan and implement revenue generating projects and events throughout the year as needed/suggested by Finance Committee or Pastoral Council.

Money Counters

Count the money collected at weekend Masses and deposit into the Credit Union.


• Hawaii Catholic Herald Articles

• Website

• Sunday Bulletin, email communication to parishioners, social media updates and communication

Writing of articles for submission to the Hawaii Catholic Herald; oversees content and updates to the St. Damien Catholic Parish website; assists with the parish bulletin preparation, sends out regular communiques by way of email to the parish email list and to social media platforms such as Facebook and the parish You Tube channel.

Laundry and Church Cleaning

• St. Damien

• St. Vincent Ferrer

• Our Lady Of Seven Sorrows

Laundry: Wash and iron altar linens and cloths used during Mass weekly, or as needed. Church cleaners: keeps the churches clean and in good order.

Maintenance Committee

Maintains the integrity of the buildings and grounds of the churches of St. Damien Catholic Parish (OLSS, St. Damien, St. Joseph and St. Vincent Ferrer).

St. Joseph Cemetery

Upkeep of the cemetery located at St. Joseph Church.

Disaster Preparedness Committee

Working to prepare four Churches of topside Molokai and parishioners for natural and other disasters on our island.