Molokai History:

(from “Father Damien’s Letters”, published by the Congregation of the Sacred Hearts, Rome, 2017)

From a letter from Fr. Damien to his superior, Fr. Modeste Favens,, April 19, 1874 from Kaluaaha:

Father Andre will take charge of the leprosarium while I work in his district.

I hope that the boat will continue to fare well under the leadership of Father Andre. I hope the harvest will be equally abundant here in Kaluaaha.

I am thinking of hiring a “Kanaka”, a carpenter of sorts, to help me with my work.

Tomorrow morning, I will start the foundation of the church in stone [in Kaluaaha]; the Irishmen will loan us their wagon to haul the stones. Please give me an explanation for the term “temporary chapel”. Am I not to finish it, or have you cut something from the list of materials?

Pray, please, and ask the brother carpenters to pray for him who replaces them on Molokai. Placing myself under the special protection of St. Joseph, I hope to successfully complete the cathedral of Kaluaaha.

(to be continued)

Blessings, pono and pule!
Fr. Brian Guerrini,