Molokai History


(taken from: “Father Damien’s Letters”, Congregation of the Sacred Hearts SS.CC., Rome, 2017)

from a letter from Father Damien to his superior, Father Modeste Favens,, from Kalawao, September 1, 1874:

Dear Reverend Father

Will you be so kind as to send each article necessary to celebrate the Holy Mass — enclosed in a small box locked with a key — to my address for unloading at Kaunakakai on the Portuguese’s schooner (“Mite Morris” – a tweny-two ton schooner owned by Joseph Lima. Damien refers to Lima as “the Portuguese” in his letter). It is for starting a new Christian community either at Kaunakakai or at Palaau. Mr. Meyer will put a wooden house at my disposition to try it first before starting to build a permanent chapel. Since it is not far from here, I will take care to form this budding community. There is already a good nucleus of baptized, and there is hope for the others. Those of Kalae will be able to come here.Here I need a supply of wine for the Mass and candles. Mother Superior will probably ask, in
my name, for $50 or $75 from the $140 given for the lepers.
Are there not still other donations, as it seems it was announced in the “Annales”? There is a lot of misery over here. I am just about broke, without a penny.

Your very humble servant,
Brother Damien
Catholic Priest


Blessings, pono and pule!
Fr. Brian,