Molokai History:

(taken from “Father Damien’s Letters”, Congregation of the Sacred Hearts SS.CC., Rome, 2017)

From a letter from Father Damien to his superior, Father Modeste Favens, from Kalawao, December 28, 1874:

Dear Reverend Father,

I spent $8.25 for a trip and a small room at Kaluaaha.

In Kaluaaha I spent $100 for the church and more. I do not recall anymore how much.

During the year, 113 have been baptized at the leprosarium and 3 from outside were inscribed. Thus, 116 were baptized, almost all adults, of whom approximately 30 are already deceased. I legalized 10 marriages and blessed a large number, of which I didn’t keep track; the same for the dead.

Greetings from me to the Fathers and the brothers.

Brother Damien
Missionary Priest

Blessings, pono and much pule!

Fr. Brian Guerrini,