Molokai History:
[From “Father Damien’s Letters”, Congregation of the Sacred Hearts, SS.CC., Rome, 2017]
From a letter from Fr. Damien to Father Modeste Favens, SS.CC., Kalawao, April 3, 1879:

My Reverend Father,
Not having a penny of revenue and having paid what was due for the “kuleana” of Halawa [land purchased for St. Ann’s chapel in Halawa Valley], two horses, etc., it is natural that the bourse [money bag] be topped off as it was on January 1. Please send me the wherewithal to meet my needs. I have spent the money I had in reserve for the sick, 100 dollars to Father Andre to pay the debts on his house. He said to me that he thinks that he will receive some money tomorrow and reimburse me.

The 43 dollars for the “kuleana” of Halawa will perhaps be reimbursed and perhaps “Pilikia man no no o Daminan.” [Damien will no longer have a problem.]

Your very humble servant,
Brother J. Damien
Missionary Priest


Blessings, pono and much pule!
Fr. Brian Guerrini,