Molokai History:

[from Hawaii Catholic Herald, May 20, 1966]

In 1963, a small catechetical center was built by Father John Van Gils on the right side of St. Sophia’s church. He also found it necessary to enlarge the church in 1965.

According to Father John, the parish of St. Sophia and its missions of Our Lady of Seven Sorrows in Kaluaaha and St. Joseph in Kamalo serves more than 1,100 souls. Most of the Catholics are of Hawaiian, Part-Hawaiian, and Filipino extraction. Cattle ranching and farming are the principal businesses with a large percentage of the people working in the pineapple fields on the West End. Others hold government positions in the various offices located in Kaunakakai.

During the year there are 210 children in Confraternity of Christian Doctrine classes each week; and during the summer months these same children receive a more intensive schooling in Catholic belief from the Holy Family nuns, who come and conduct special vacation classes.

The parish has active organizations, principally the Holy Name Society and its junior unit, Ladies and Girls Sodalities, Confraternity, and Knights of the Altar. Molokai hospital is served by this parish.

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Blessings! Pono! Pule!

Fr. Brian Guerrini,