Molokai History:

[from the Internet and history files at St. Damien]

Andrew Kapalaau Poaha was born in Waikapoki, Kaneohe, Kingdom of Hawaii on May 17, 1856 to Edward William Bishop Kapalaau Poaha and Kalena Kamauoha. Andrew married Elizabeth Keakakulani Kapiioho and had 8 children. He knew Father Damien from when Father Damien was building Our Lady of Seven Sorrows church in Kaluaaha. Father Damien asked Andrew and his wife to come down to Kalawao/Kalaupapa to help him. Andrew not only helped Father Damien build Seven Sorrows church but, down at the leper settlement, he became Father Damien’s right-hand man and Andrew’s wife washed the clothes of Father Damien and the settlement’s doctor. Andrew’s grandaughter was Elizabeth Kauila Poaha Reyes, who, along with Andrew, is buried at the Queen of Peace Cemetery at OLSS in Kaluaaha. Andrew passed away on Feb. 8, 1916 in Pukoo, Molokai.

[from the Honolulu Star-Bulletin, Feb. 9, 1916]

Mrs. R.W. Cathcart received a wireless message today announcing the death of her father, Andrew Poaha, at Pukoo, Molokai. Mr. Poaha was one of the old time leaders of his district and the island of Molokai. He leaves a widow and seven children.

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