Molokai History:

[from Hawaii Catholic Herald, December 23, 2011]

A Welcoming Church for a Friendly Isle

[At the dedication of the new St. Damien church in Kaunakakai by Bishop Silva] Following the homily, Father Guerreiro crouched under the altar to insert the altar stone through a trap door that opened under the top. Imbedded in the foot-long slab of white marble was a relic of St. Damien sealed in resin.

The Bishop then exchanged his chasuble for a white apron, rolled up his sleeves and poured holy oil over the entire top of the koa altar. He then spent a few silent minutes rubbing the oil into the surface, from edge to edge, with circular motions of his bare hands.

Up to that point, the church had been dimly lit with secondary and recessed lights. With the altar blessed, a deacon wiped away the oil, attendants brought out the altar cloths, flower arrangements and candles, the hanging bell-shaped “house lights” were switched on as the choir sang, “Christ, be our light!” – and the Mass proceeded.

(to be continued…)

Blessings, pono and pule!!!!

Fr. Brian,