Molokai History:

[from Bishop Louis Maigret’s Journals, 1837-1877, in the SS.CC. Archives, Honolulu]

July 8, 1851 (Tuesday): Frs. Aubert, SS.CC. & Mathias, SS.CC. and Bishop Maigret, SS.CC. travel from Kumueli (Kamalo) to Kukui [western or easter Molokai?] and sleep at Filipo’s. Great wave of enthusiasm for work on the church [at Kukui?].

July 9-12, 1851 (Wednesday thru Saturday): Work on the church at Kukui.

July 13, 1851 (Sunday): 7 Baptisms and 48 Confirmations at Kukui [western or eastern Molokai?]. Late in day travel to Kalaupapa to Keonikio & Melanie’s.

July 14, 1851 (Monday): Construction of another chapel [at Kaluapapa].

July 15, 1851 (Tuesday): 4 Baptisms and 13 Confirmations and work on the church at Kalaupapa.

July 16-19, 1851 (Wednesday thru Saturday): Work on church [at Kalaupapa].

Blessings, pono and pule!

Fr. Brian Guerrini,