Molokai History:

[from “Hawaii Place Names”, Revised Edition, Pukui, Elbert & Mookini, UH Press, 1974]

Alanui-puhi-paka: Ridge and road, East Molokai, meaning: smoke tobacco road (said to be a place where people pause to smoke and rest).
Alapa’i: Coastal area, North Molokai, probably named for Alapa’i-nui, leader of the Hawai’i forces that invaded Maui in 1738 and combined with the Moloka’i forces to defeat O’ahu invaders.
‘A-lau: Headland, Kalaupapa peninsula, North Molokai, meaning: many rocks
Ali’i: Fishpond, South Moloka’i, meaning: chief
‘Amikopala: Hill at Maunaloa, on a hill east of here was a long “maika” (old Hawaiian game, similar to bowling) course that was destroyed when pineapples were planted, West Moloka’i.

Blessings, pono & pule!

Fr. Brian Guerrini,