Molokai History
[from “Place Names of Hawaii, Revised Edition”, Pukui, Elbert & Mookini, University of Hawaii Press, Honolulu, 1976]

‘Ilio: Point, West Molokai. Meaning” dog.
‘Ilio-pi’i: Cape and Bay, Kalaupapa Peninsula, Meaning: climbing dog.
‘Iloli: Three land divisions, west Molokai. Meaning: yearning.
Imu-kalua-ua: “heiau”, north Molokai, rain-baking oven. It is believed that raindrops were caught and baked in the oven. Rain sent by a mischievous brother prevented Puulea from drying her tapa. The area has been arid ever since. Meaning: rain-baking oven.
Ka-‘alaea: Coastal area, East Molokai. Meaning: the ocherous earth.

Blessings, pono & pule!!!!

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