Aloha Kakou and blessings to ohana and visitors!

In our Gospel, ten lepers were healed, and only one came back to give thanks. Picture this. The one who came back was an outsider, a Samaritan. The others who were too busy to say “thanks” were from the local faith community. There’s a dual lesson here about gratitude and regard for those we meet, even those “not from here.”
The Gospel challenges us to consider that gratitude is the heart of being a Christian. The word Eucharist comes from the Greek word that means “thanksgiving.” Jesus is inviting us to live lives of gratitude toward God and the people around us. The Gospel challenges us to consider ingratitude as the leprosy of the soul. Ingratitude can disfigure us spiritually. A life of ingratitude needs to be healed.

We need to start with the people in our lives we need to be grateful for—folks at home, work, and in the community. Even strangers, we meet. Bringing this home, gratitude and appreciation for others matter to our spiritual health and parish life. Parishes looking to move to new and incredible vibrancy find hospitality core to that new life. Essential to that is gratitude for each person that passes through our door.

Mahalo to God for you and all you are.
Deacon Jim Krupka