Molokai History:

[a reprint from the Hawaii Catholic Herald of May 20, 1966]

Father Damien built two other churches on the East End of Molokai. They were St. John the Evangelist at Moanui and St. Ann at Halawa. He built these in 1876. St. John’s was torn down in 1934 and St. Ann’s was abandoned in 1930. Most people had moved from both areas so that the churches served no one and fell into disrepair.

It was from the Kaluaaha parish church of Our Lady of Seven Sorrows that Father Thomas Geloen, SS.CC. administered the various island missions for twenty-eight years. [As of 1966] his rectory still stands but his cook-house has been torn down.

Following the pastorate of Father John Van Gils, SS.CC., who restored both of the mission churches [of Our Lady of Seven Sorrows and St. Joseph] built by Father Damien, Father Simon was named pastor and today takes care of the spiritual life of these people since 1976.

Blessings, pono and pule!

Fr. Brian Guerrini,