Stewardship Bulletin Reflection:
Pentecost Sunday, Weekend of June 8-9, 2019
Today we reach the finale of the Easter season with
the celebration of the great Feast of Pentecost.
Reflecting on today’s readings inspires a sense of awe
as we consider the mighty power of the Holy Spirit at
work giving birth to and sustaining our Church. Just as
awesome — the same Spirit is calling to us this day to
take up our part in the Church’s saving work.
In the first reading, from Acts, we see the creative
genius of the Holy Spirit moving through the newly
confirmed Apostles “who began to speak in different
tongues as the Spirit enabled them to proclaim.” The
large crowd, gathered from all over the world were
“amazed” and “astounded” that each one could
understand the Apostles speaking in their own
Each one of us, young and old alike, is personally
called today by the Holy Spirit into the same mission as
that of the first Apostles — to advance the Kingdom of
God in our corner of the world. Just as He did on that
Pentecost day, the Holy Spirit speaks to us in our “own
language” to give us the Good News of the Gospel and
urge us to share it. We can think of our own language as
the particular gifts, talents and passions we possess. We
experience the presence of the Holy Spirit through
them and we are meant to put them to the work in
grateful service of the Kingdom of God.
When we consider the stewardship way of life we
are called to live, we often focus on the challenges it
poses. Surrendering ourselves to God is indeed a
challenging way to live. But it leads to a life that is
exciting, creative and deeply rewarding. Stewardship
allows us to experience life as a great adventure
because it is a life guided and directed by the very
source of power and creativity— the Holy Spirit!